Add notes to images to note the best of each picture!


You can easily add a watermark (text or image) to all photos that are uploaded to your gallery. This features allows you to protect your content from other websites!

Member Tagging!

Tag members in media items and let them know about a photo, map, video or any other kind of item that could be interesting for them. Users can be notified using the SMFPacks Alerts Pro mod!

Photo location!

When photos are uploaded and include GPS information about the location when they were took, a map is shown with the position where the photo was taken, so others can know the origin of it.

Exif information!

EXIF information can be grabbed from uploaded photos in order to extract important information about the moment when the photo was taken.

External videos!

Users can add videos from Vimeo, YouTube and DailyMotion. This helps you to have more space for other files in your server and let the major sites to handle files and bandwidth!

Thumbnail from video as image!

If the ffmpeg extension is available in the server, the gallery is going to automatically extract one part of the video and use it as the icon for the video in the entire gallery!

Thumbnail from external videos!

When the video is an external one (e.x. YouTube) the gallery is going to automatically extract a part of the video as the icon for the item in the gallery, giving an idea to users of what they may found there.

Audio information!

Audio files contain much more than the audio data, they also have (using ID3 tags) additional information like the length, song title, album name, artist, genre and more!

Cover album as image!

In some audio files information about the cover album is included, in those cases that image is extracted and used as the image icon for the audio file in the entire gallery!


When audio files have lyrics in the ID3 tags then that lyric is formatted and shown at the bottom of the audio file, this allows members to sing whatever you put on the gallery!

Automatically find lyrics!

In case that the lyric isn't available at the file, then the system is going to try to get the lyric from third-party services, all this is done automatically without user intervention!

From SMFHacks Gallery (Lite and Pro)!

- Categories
- User Categories
- Comments
- Reports
- Gallery Items
- Rates
- Custom Fields
- Custom Fields Data

From Aeva Media!

- Categories
- Comments
- Reports
- Gallery Items
- Rates
- Custom Fields
- Custom Fields Data
- Profile Permissions
- Permissions

Add maps!

Users can add their own Google Maps to your gallery! Allowing them to showcase where they live or where they want to do their next meeting! The options are unlimited with this gallery

Browse maps!

When users are viewing a map they can browse within the gallery! There is no need to open an external window nor tab to view the proximities of the locaiton.

Control how it works!

With a pretty simple to use admin panel you can control all the core parts of the gallery. Including how the gallery looks, which extensions are allowed and the features that you want in your gallery instance!

Simple features toggling!

You can easily toggle each one of the features that are included in this gallery with a click! Letting you to customize the gallery just the way you want it!

Control guests with a few clicks!

Keep control of guests using the same captcha they are familiar with! This gives you control over where you want to show them, keeping everything under control.

Membergroups quotas!

You can easily give a maximum file size of all files that users in certain membergroups can add to the gallery.

Custom Fields!

Expand the options and possibilities with this gallery adding custom fields to match each album you have! This allows you to customize how the gallery works and add information that you need in each item!

Get paid with your gallery!

You can get money from the gallery creating paid packages! They allow users to enlist their items at the top of the lists paying an small fee! Paypal is the method used to get paid and everything is auto-pilot, there is no need for admin intervention.

Gallery Bans!

Gallery bans are easy ways to control access to certain features from the gallery to trouble users. You can set a date of expiration, and if they still can do somethings or if they are totally banned! This keeps those bad guys out of the gallery!

FTP Import

Import files from FTP folders, allowing you to easily upload files without having to do all the steps in the browser!

Gallery Maintenance!

With a few clicks you can easily give some maintenance to guarantee everything is in order and being shown as it should.

Gallery Permissions!

You have profile permissions which allow you to specify for each membergroup and album combination which permissions are allowed, including view, download, mass upload, comment items, and much more!

Reported Comments!

Control what users are saying from one simple admin panel! This allows you to see who deserves a gallery ban or a simple warning! You can remove comments within the admin panel too!

Reported Items!

You can also view all reported items at once and easily take control of them within the gallery!

Unapproved Items!

Easily set which groups can submit items, but require approval. You can easily check too all the items that waiting approval at once!

Create playlists!

Users can easily create their own playlists and start reproducing all items with a few clicks. You can control easily the duration of images that are included in the gallery!

Control playlists easily!

From the bottom of the screen users will be able to select duration of images, and also if they want to clear the playlist or start reproducing the current one!

Automatically start and jump to next item!

When items are loaded in the playlist view they start automatically (audios and videos), and also as soon as they finish playing the next one is loaded! It just works!

User albums!

Users can create their own albums too! Only the owner can upload files there, but others are able to see them just fine!

Unlimited albums for every user!

They can create as many albums as they would like to! This gives them the option to create an album for every moment they need to.

Easily enlist items!

Users can easily filter the list of items by the ones marked as favorites, unseen items, since last visit, from the last week, top 20 in comments, top 20 in views, or the most rated ones! It's quite easy to view the items you want to!

Search items!

You can allow users to search using description and name, also filtering results by albums and date of submission!


Put a slideshow, and then sit back and relax, while all items are shown in a beautiful slideshow that automatically changes between items.

Gallery stats!

From one page you can view some basic stats about the content uploaded, like the top uploaders, commented items, the amount of items, and more!

Rate items!

Users can mark, using a 1 to 5 stars system, each item, allowing them to mark the most populars ones without having to reload the page!

Send to friend!

Using a simple to use email form users can share items with their friends via email within the gallery!

Download items with a click!

If you allow them users can download items with a click!

RSS Feeds!

Each album has the RSS feeds page where recent items are shown for others to track!

SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery

- One license for one installation of SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery on one forum.
- Free updates for one year. (?)
- Regular price: $49.99.
- Promotion price: $39.99.

SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery Copyright Removed

- One license for one installation of SMFPacks Multimedia Gallery brand free on one forum.
- Free updates for one year. (?)
- Regular price: $64.99.
- Promotion price: $54.99.

Mass upload!

If allowed via permissions, users can easily upload multiple items using the Mass Upload feature! They need to select the album and then all the files that they want to upload. When that's done they can review items, select which they want to discard and submit all of them at once!

[MG] the Multimedia Gallery BBCODE!

Using our powerful [MG] gallery BBCODE users can add multimedia content to other areas of the forum! They can play audio or video files within posts if the bbcode is included! The [MG] code is so powerful that allows multiple parameters to make it fit to anything users may need.

Create topics automatically!

Each album can specify a board and a prefix, so as soon as a file is uploaded into the album a topic is created letting users know about the newly uploaded file!

Gallery comments!

If you allow them users can comment items to share their opinions or talk about an specific item! Those comments are fully controlled by admins with approval of comments and reporting of them, everything controlled within the gallery.